Our passion and belief is that everyone, regardless of their economic situation, whether rich or poor, should have a reliable access to safe, quality and affordable medication Our goal is to prevent loss of precious lives or worsening health conditions due to untimely access to the right medication, scarcity of prescribed medication and outrageous medication prices.


Medrx Limited has been in development for the past two years but looking at the collective experience, we have in the past six years provided innovative and disruptive pharmaceutical care solutions for thousands of patients.
The company was started because as a team of dedicated and passionate professionals we acknowledge the need to improve the availability of affordable medicines for the world’s poor especially in life saving situations. Essential medicines are intended to be available within the context of functioning health systems at all times in adequate amounts, in the appropriate dosage forms, with assured quality, and at a price the individual and the community can afford. With a team of diversified and experienced professionals who have successfully worked on various projects, we aim to provide a lasting solution to one of the biggest problems in the pharmaceutical sector.


"In January 2015 when I became a registered pharmacist, I witnessed a patient who had a prescription for anti-snake serum search for his medication for almost 12 hours and ended up losing his life. That awful incident provoked me to build a connection to most of my colleague pharmacist in order to prevent such occurrences in future. Back then I used Whatsapp to connect 100 of my colleagues and named the group medications and prescriptions (Med Rx).

On 27th May the same year, a lady came to my pharmacy in so much distress. She had a prescription for Claforan, which is an antibiotic, and had been roaming several pharmacies to find where she could buy it. I had also run out of stock but I decided to help her end her misery by using my connections to find it on Whatsapp but I realized none of my colleagues also had it. She had told me the urgency of her situation that the medication was needed to treat her sister and her babies in a nearby hospital. Her sister had given birth to quadruplets and one died earlier in her womb so the three other babies were born with an infection. I advised her to contact the doctor to prescribe an alternative as quickly as possible because there was a general stock out of the prescription she had. She went and came back with even more frustration and tears and holding another prescription for Meronem. The doctor had changed the medication and she was hearing the same stories with this medication too. She told me upon arriving that, one baby had also died and the babies were now left with two but her sister was even in a worse condition. I felt a sense of shame and incompetence for not having the Meronem too but I did not let her leave in despair. I found a colleague who had it nearby and told her the price. That drug was also very expensive and her money was not enough so she called her mother and got some money transferred to her and I volunteered to use my break to help her get the money, go pay for the drug and take it to her sister and the babies in the hospital. After we went through everything, we got to the hospital and the four babies were left with just one. We managed to save the mother and one baby and this was the beginning of MedRxapp.

After this incident I put together a team of experts and we started building a solution to this devastating problem of access to essential medicines. "

Hayford N. Brako - Founder


Meet The Genius Behind Our Success


Hayford Brako

CEO and Founder

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CTO and Cofounder

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Victoria Acheampong


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Market Analyst


We are always looking for passionate people to help us scale our solution. If you are a team player and believe in our mission and vision, join us as an intern or volunteer in any of our departments. Software and Product Development, Marketing and Sales, Project Management. Send us an email at info@medrxapp.com and join our wonderful team.