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Our Offering Simplifying Pharmaceutical Care

Medrx Chemist is your trusted partner in healthcare, offering pharmaceutical care with the power of simple and efficient technology. Our primary goal is to ensure that patients always have stress-free access to the medications prescribed for them.

We establish connections with pharmaceutical suppliers to provide broad access to essential medicines, promoting the well-being of individuals across the community.

Medrx Chemist was founded in 2015 by a passionate young pharmacist driven by a life-changing event. The loss of three innocent lives due to limited access to medicines prompted the creation of a system that could prevent such tragedies. Over the years, Medrx has grown, fueled by a dedicated team of competent pharmacists, software developers, and business development experts who are revolutionizing the way patients access their prescriptions.

Medrx is readily available on both iOS and Android platforms, accessible to users free of charge. Additionally, our services are conveniently accessible through web platforms, ensuring reliable access to quality and affordable medicines.

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